Automated robotic systems for Smes

Automation Technology is proposed as a technological partner of the most important production companies. We realize customized solutions that allow to define the project productivity and a faithful analysis of production costs and return on investment

State-of-the-art technological products and machinery for production lines

We are able to offer a wide range of automatic systems thanks to the use of modular components that, respecting the construction specifications of the major European companies, guarantee a safe choice over time. The flexibility of our lines allows us to integrate systems of different types, ideal for the most varied types of companies and productive sectors, from automotive to textile, from medical to food.

Our areas of application

with robot

We develop robotic applications for the enslavement of hot molding presses. Cutting-edge solutions that include, in addition to specific solutions for high temperatures, vision systems for quality control of the processed parts.


Reliability, versatility and accuracy in CNC machining. 5-axis 3D milling and cutting machining.

Management of production facilities

We study and produce graphic management on board the plant with the aim of organizing production and monitoring quality. It includes the complete extrapolation of data for statistical and control purposes.

Mixing and metering

We produce electronic dosing equipment with 2K two-component mixing, with techniques of proportioning and static mixing. Precision and repeatability characterize all our solutions.


We realize specific and flexible applications that are characterized by the rapidity in the programming through the use of special software off line able to realize palletization schemes adapted to the continuous variability of the product.

Wire welding

The welding procedure MIG/MAG is a continuous wire procedure in which the protection of the welding bath is ensured by a covering gas, which flows from the torch on the piece to be welded. The fact that it is a continuous wire process guarantees a high productivity to the process itself, and at the same time the presence of gas allows to operate without slag.
The use of an anthropomorphic robot allows to reach and maintain a qualitative repeatability unthinkable in comparison to the same manual cycle. 

Spot welding

Resistance welding method used to join overlapping metal sheets up to 3 mm thick each. Two copper electrodes are used at the same time to fix the metal sheets together and pass current through them. Our robotic solutions enable you to achieve and maintain high quality process standards.

Handling systems

Handling is one of the most common and important stages of a production process.Our specific experience allows us to create rational and flexible solutions, perfectly adapted to the customer’s production process.


Thanks to a consolidated experience in painting, we offer a range of products among the widest and most complete, with equipment able to guarantee the highest quality of painting.
The proposed robots are specially developed and manufactured to meet the different application needs: liquid and powder coating, enamelling, spraying water-based or solvent-based products, in electrostatic or with conventional guns:
We also provide solutions for bonding, extrusion and sealing applications.