Robots used for industrial automation

Production systems used to combine savings and efficiency

Why buy a used robot?

To buy a used anthropomorphic Robot means to realize an optimal compromise between investment and result. All our used Robots are reconditioned, repainted and tested to restore conditions equal to the new and are the ideal solution for companies that want to automate with low costs.

The savings, compared to the purchase of the new, is between 40% and 60%.

Optimizing your company’s production system

The purchase of our used robots is the ideal solution to optimize certain stages of production containing investment costs

To buy our Robot means to realize an immediate ROI and to reduce the production costs, optimizing the quality of the finished product.

Preparation and overhaul of used robots

The robots begin the review cycle where the conditions of each part are verified.

Review of the Manipulator

The manipulator is disassembled and checked following the following scheme:

Control and restoration, by replacement of worn parts, of correct mechanical play
Specific pulse repeatability tests and controls 
Control and functional and performance test of engines of all axles
Internal and external cable condition control
Repainting with original RAL color

Revision of the control unit

The control unit shall be overhauled as follows:

  • Accurate cleaning of the unit
  • Restoring and reinstalling software configuration
  • Checking the general state of the components
  • Functional control of all fans and air filter replacement
  • Monitoring the status of batteries with replacement of units that do not guarantee the number plate values
  • Functional control of the programming keyboard
  • Functional test with manipulator