Specialised technical assistance

Automation Technology operates across Europe offering an entire package of integrated services to ensure reliability over time, operational safety and interaction 4.0. To ensure quality service, our technicians are constantly updated and have cross-cutting experience on different applications.

Customer care service

The purpose of the service is to provide an efficient, qualified and continuous assistance over time to ensure the maintenance of the production and quality standards of our installations through repairs, supply of spare parts, specific courses and production assistance. The intervention area is mainly dedicated to the service of our installed park, but we are able to operate on multiple brands of robots and dressings. The different types of services provided are configurable based on the real needs of each individual customer through the conclusion of maintenance contracts with content and costs designed ad hoc.

The following are the activities covered by the service:

  • Ordinary maintenance, repair, supply of spare parts and interventions on call.
  • Update of installed systems to prevent obsolescence.
  • Contracts of scheduled maintenance.
  • Proposals for specific maintenance contracts tailored to the real needs of the customer to minimize costs and maximise the profitability of the investment

Managed assistance

In order to optimise the performance of our applications, we offer a preventive periodic maintenance service. This allows to ensure the safety and functionality conditions, to detect possible anomalies in advance and to implement the necessary corrective and extraordinary maintenance actions.

Extraordinary Assistance

The extraordinary maintenance is guaranteed on all our applications and also extended to further customer needs where our experience can be requested.

Training of operators

We offer dedicated training sessions, with the aim of reducing production costs and fully exploiting the potential of your automation.